Home Remedies For Dandruff

dandruff1 Dandruff is a condition which arises due to excessive shedding of the dead skin cells of the scalp. The dead cells may flake like snowflakes. Although a little amount of shedding is common, excessive falls may be symptom of some other associated disease.

The unusually large amounts of dandruff may be either chronic or due to some other triggers. Dandruff may also accompany redness and irritation. It may also be precursor of fungal infection, psoriasis or infestation of head lice. Dandruff, usually, is a social or self esteem problem than a disease and is found worldwide. However, many simple home remedies are available for the condition.

Hot oil therapy

Hot oil therapy is possibly the easiest and most useful method to get rid of dandruff. Apply hot oil on the scalp during night and in the morning an hour before taking bath rub the scalp with lemon juice mixed with vinegar with the help of cotton wool. Rinse the hair with water and at last rinse with a cup of hot water mixed with lemon juice.  This treatment should be continued for a month with a frequency of two to three times every week.

Using cosmetic vinegar

Cosmetic vinegar can also be used as a home remedy for dandruff. To make the decoction, mix two tablespoons of cosmetic vinegar with six tablespoons of hot water and dab on the scalp using a cotton ball. This should be applied at night and in the next morning the scalp should be rinsed with a shampoo.

Using Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds may also be used to get relief from dandruff. Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and make a thick paste of it in the morning. Apply this paste over the whole scalp and leave it for half an hour. Then rinse the hair with acacia concinna or soap-nut solution.

Using beetroot juice

Beetroot juice is also a very good ingredient for preparing a remedy for dandruff. Beetroot juice can be mixed with vinegar and applied over the scalp. Alternately, one can also mix ginger juice and beetroot juice and apply over the scalp.

Using apple juice

Apple juice is also a very effective remedy for dandruff. Mix 2 tablespoons of apple juice with equal amount of hot water and apply over the scalp and on hairs. Leave this idle for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off. This is one of the most easily available home remedies for dandruff.

Using olive and almond oils

Olive and almond oils also form a very useful remedy for dandruff. Mix the two oils in equal proportion and rub the scalp with this mixture. Leave it idle for 10 minutes as you feel a burning sensation. This will give a dandruff free hair.

Using green gram powder

Green gram powder mixed with curd gives a very effective remedy for dandruff. Mix the two ingredients very well and apply over the scalp. For preparing a useful mixture add two tablespoons of green gram powder and half a cup of curd.

Using coconut oil and black pepper

Coconut oil mixed with black pepper also gives an effective remedy for dandruff. Use nearly 300 ml of coconut oil and 3 grams of black pepper to prepare the mixture and heat it until the solution starts boiling. This can be used as hair oil and the scalp should be messages with it with the help of fingertips.

Using eggs

Beat two eggs and mix a little water to it. This gives an effective mixture for treatment of dandruff. Apply this mixture on the scalp and leave it for 15 minutes. Then rinse off the hair with lukewarm water. This is an easily available and very effective way to reduce dandruff.

It should be remembered that dandruff can lead to be a chronic problem and hence all cares must be taken to get rid of the condition as early as possible. The diet for dandruff affected patients should be rich in fresh fruits and may include vegetables, sprouted seeds and whole grain cereals.