Home Remedies For Anemia

Anemia is a serious condition where the hemoglobin content is less than required in the blood. It should be taken seriously as although it’s not a disease itself, anemia can lead to other severe diseases. It should also be borne in mind that the most common reason for the disease is lack of iron content in the foods. Hence, taking foods with rich iron content is the first step. Anemia hurts the immune system and hence it should be avoided at all costs.

To avoid anemia or to get rid of it, it is very essential to eat proper nutrients. Therefore the first home remedy for anemia is taking foods that are rich in nutrients. For healthy food intake one should look for a diet rich in cereals, poultry and fish and dairy products such as cheese, butter and milk. The food should also include vegetables and fruits, meat and pastas. The food may also include dry beans, nuts and eggs. It should be understood that to treat anemia the first and foremost thing to do is to boost up the immune system. Good food habits are a sure shot in boosting the immune system.

Another healthy food habit for anemia patients is to eat iron rich foods. The foods which have higher iron content include liver, beets green leafy vegetable and dried fruits. Bran flake, brown rice, lentils and molasses also have enough iron content. Apart from these raisins, prunes; oysters breads and pastas made from flour may also be taken for making up the iron deficiency.

Frequent intake of coffee, tea and antacids also lead to anemia as these foods inhibit the iron adsorption process of the body. People who have habit of taking tea, coffee many times a day are often found to have anemia for this reason.

Another healthy habit for anemia patients is to eat food cooked in iron pots. It is found that the food cooked in iron pots have more iron content in them than the foods cooked in other metal utensils. This may be helpful as the iron intake would automatically increase if the foods cooked in iron pots are eaten by individuals suffering from anemia.

Special care must be taken by the women during pregnancy. There may be insufficient supply of nutrients to the mother and hence to the baby during the period of pregnancy. It is desirable to take proper vitamins that may keep the immune system intact and in proper situation. The food habits of the mother should also be changed to take up more nutrients so that the baby or the mother doesn’t suffer from anemia after child birth.

Dandelion leaf is also a good option for diminishing anemia. The leaves of Dandelion are very rich in providing iron content to the body and hence are a good remedy for anemia. It should be included in meals three times a day. Alternately, one can also eat dandelion greens in salads.

There are many food items available which can be used as medicines. For example one cup of beetroot juice mixed with a cup of apple juice taken with sugar or honey once daily can help getting rid of anemia. Similarly, ripe banana taken with 1 tbsp of honey may also be a good remedy. One could also soak currants overnight and take it for 3-4 weeks after removing the seeds. Apart from these, a mixture of apple and tomato juice also serves as a good remedy for anemic patients.

Apart from the regular ways of curing anemia, some behavioral aspects should also be taken into account. Cold water bath (twice daily), deep breathing and light exercise like walking and cycling and simple yoga asanas may also be the need of the hour during anemia. Following up some simple steps while using home remedies may work wonders for anemic individuals.