Home decoration ideas- Give your home a new look

Home decoration ideas Some times it really boring to see the same look of our house. A fresh look to your house will not only make it more beautiful but you will love to spend time at home instead of running to parties or restaurants. Giving your home a new look only requires a bit of creativity and it can easily be done over a weekend. Here are few tips to decorate your home without wasting a lot of money and time:

Bedroom Style:  Buy new bedding in exciting colors to refresh your bedroom. Select a bold color of bed sheet and paint the accent wall to add more pop to it. Spend a little on lighting and give your room a style statement using different wattage to add intrigue to your room. Paint a big earthen vase and show your creativity with flowers. You can also experiment with retro look.

New look for your child’s room: Paint your child’s bedroom in a solid color and add some wall art. Place the toys on four corners of the room. Give old clothes, books and other items in charity to create more space. Use bright lighting and beautiful lamp shades to give jazzier look. Mix and match the components to get a happening and creative look.

Update your living room: Wall papers have become much more advanced now which can be installed easily and can be removed in the future. Look for an interesting and bold pattern which will make a style statement. Use stylish curtains in contrast with the wall papers to give a stylish look to your living room. You can frame your stamp collection or any other collection and hang it on the wall.

Bathroom Decoration: Buy new towels and bathmats in fresh colors. Replace your mirror with a new one. The new mirror should be drastically different from the existing one, this way you will feel everything has been changed. Clean the bath tub, shower and other bathroom accessories.

Get a stylish kitchen: Paint the cupboards of your kitchen in exciting colors. Just shift the focus from old things by adding some bright new things. Change the place of few articles in your kitchen and paste diet charts on your kitchen wall to give a healthy look.