Helpful Tips for Expectant Moms

vegdietpregancy Becoming a mother is a matter of great joy. But it brings with it great responsibility and requires a lot of care. Though being a mother is most rewarding but it is undoubtedly a full time job and needs help and support of your family and partner.

Health Check Up

A pregnant woman should get her complete health check up done. With Doctors’ advice she should take additional supplement of folic acid.


Pregnant women should eat foods that are rich in nutrients from all food groups.  A balance diet includes protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B 6, vitamin B 12 and vitamin D. Eat fiber rich food and lots of fruits and vegetables.


Do exercise in moderation. A regular walk and yoga is very effective for pregnant women. Avoid heavy exercise and protect yourself from getting hurt. Watch your weight. If suddenly you are gaining too much weight, say 5kg a month, it may be a sign of gestational diabetes. In that case you must consult your gynecologist.

Be Happy

Avoid stress and try to remain happy. It is believed that a happy mother gives birth to a happy child. Listening to music, reading good books are some of the way you can entertain yourself. During pregnancy expectant mothers often have their mood swings, due to changes and hormonal activities. So  keep this in mind and be prepared.


Working women can work till the delivery date, provided the work place has safe environment. But avoid working excessive hours, or standing for long hours while working.


While traveling in buses, trains and airplanes during pregnancy take care of your safety by buckling your seat belt, remain seated. Try to stretch yourself on the rest stops so that your blood pressure remains stable.


Sleep well. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages at bed time.

So for giving birth to a healthy child, eat well, sleep well, be active and happy and wait excitedly for the child to come.