Help your man overcome sex fears

sex fears Though he may be looking surefooted and unbeatable with his muscular and sinewy figure, yet he is having an element of nervousness and anxiety in bed, which might affect his sex life, making it boring, dull and less pleasurable.

Most of men are afraid of several aspects when it comes to performing sex in bed. They are deeply anxious about whether or not they would be able to perform sex well in bed much to satisfaction of their female partners.

The apprehension about underperforming sex in bed may lead to avoidance of sexual intimacy besides filling your relationships with stress and tension.  This can be true particularly if he ever faced an awkward or embarrassing situation while performing sex in the past.
After making mockery of himself he would perhaps not willing to sexually come closer to anybody else any longer.

So, if you find your male partner filled with performance anxiety, the first and foremost requirement on your part to be cautious without pushing the things. Let him know your regards towards him making him feel your love for him.

Create a relaxing and conducive environment with full of fun and play some roles. There is nothing wrong if you are taking initiative for having sex and leading the game.

Some men also fear that their female partners may be comparing them to other men with respect to sexual performance. So, avoid comparing your male partner with another man as it may fill a sense of insecurity in his mind.

Avoid mentioning about your previous sex experiences with other men as it may affect his confidence. On the contrary if you talk about how unpleasant and dull experiences you had with your previous partners, it can raise his hope of performing better in bed with you.

Therefore let your partner know about the things you liked while having sex with him without feeling the need to compare him with your previous partners.

Many men also feel that they are not attractive enough to encourage their female partners to have sex with them.

Under such circumstances they may want to have intercourse by switching off the lights or adopting sexual positions that can make it difficult their female partners to see their bodies.

If you find your man having similar self opinion you must appreciate his look and physical structure.

Let your partner about his good qualities and merits.  Also let him know how secured you are feeling while being under his arms and how handsome he looks. Your appreciation would make him less worried about look.

Premature ejaculation during intercourse is another sex fear that grips most of men making their sex life boring and less pleasant.

If your man is having similar fear he may repeatedly want to know whether or not you have reached an orgasm or if you are feeling satisfied or not.

Remember that sexual fulfillment of men lies in pleasure and satisfaction of their female partners. In fact almost each and every man is filled with a fear of ejaculating prematurely during sex at some point of their sex life.

So, if you feel that your male partner is having similar fear you must encourage him to prolong the foreplay so as to boost his confidence and get sufficient time for yourself to be aroused and excited to the utmost.