Heart Friendly Diet

cancerdiet Various researches having been going on for a while to find out different ways to alleviate the risk of developing heart diseases. It has been found that eating certain kinds of food items can reduce the health hazard associated with heart diseases. The first and most important steps of having a healthy heart are exercise and weight control. However, there are certain other ways that can boost the immunity towards heart diseases in our body.

Our choice of food plays a big role in prevent high blood pressure and heart diseases. To have a healthy heart, the basic food choices that we need to make include:

•    Reduce fat intake, particularly saturated fat.
•    Reduce intake of sugar
•    Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits
•    Eat lots of super food and solid food

Eat plenty of Vegetables and Fruits

Have a minimum of three or four savings of vegetables and fruits each day. If you smoke, you need to eat even more, that is, at least 5 savings each day. If you don’t feel comfortable in eating raw fruits every day, some innovative ways to have it include chopping different fruits together and making a fruit salad. You can also make a juice or shake using it and drink that. To eat more vegetables, make a soup at home, make casseroles, make salads or stir fry them.

Reduce Fat Intake

You don’t have to give up fat completely as it is impossible for us to survive without intake of fat. The key is to eliminate saturated fat from our diet. Avoid frying food, instead try boiling, poaching, baking, grilling or roasting. However, if it is absolutely necessary to fry, use a non stick fry pan and fry using stock, soy sauce or lemon juice. Go for skimmed milk, low fat spread, cheese, yogurt and mousses. Avoid red meat, instead choose chicken, turkey and fish.

Reduce Intake of Sugar

Sugar intake increases blood pressure as well as reduces the resistance of our body to stress. It also increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. It also promotes blood clotting, thus boosting the risk of stroke and heart diseases. Avoid cakes, cookies, candies,  soft drinks, toffees and sweets.

Eat lots of Super Food and Solid Food

Eating adequate solid food and super food is good for avoiding heart diseases as well. eat lots of good quality porridge, muesli, brown rice, dry roasted potatoes, beans, chick peas and lentils. Oat bran, onions, garlic, active yogurt, oily fish and tea are some super foods which are also helpful.