Healthy Fast Food Choices

We all know that fast foods are not the healthier kind of food that we need to eat for maintain good health. They are mostly high in sugar, fat and salt. But for parents who are short of time, career women and men, they are like blessings. That is why America is called the ‘fast food nation’. Almost one out of five American eats fast food everyday.

Though eating fast food is not the healthiest choice while eating out, but it is undoubtedly the cheapest option one can have. Moreover temptation of these cheap, fast and tasty foods is very difficult to resist, even knowing that eating just one meal can pack you with more than enough calories you require in a day.

So when there is no way out, make healthier choice among these fast foods. As an informed customer, you can still make some healthier choices, if you check the nutritional content of your dish. Many fast food restaurants today are concentrating on providing healthy options to their customers. So prepare yourself for checking guides. Also use your common sense to choose healthier option.  For example, choose a salad with fresh vegetables, lighter dressing and instead of fried choose grilled toppings. And always order for a small size. Portion control is highly important.

Make careful selection of your menu. Instead of deep, roasted –fried, butter dipped, creamy and crispy food, order for grilled or roasted dishes and dishes without creamy sauces. Go for leaner meat and dishes with lot of vegetables. Avoid drinking soda with your meal, instead drink water. Soda will increase the calorie intake very easily. Prefer iced tea with lemon instead of sweetened tea.

Avoid dressing of cheese spread, sour cream etc. while selecting the menu. For example, when you are ordering grilled chicken sandwich ask for it without mayonnaise.  Eat with tomato ketchup or mustard sauce.

Fast foods are generally high in sodium. So do not pour extra salt over your burgers or pizzas. If you have chosen a fried food, ask them to have it steamed or broiled. Ask them to serve your dishes without sauces.

Don’t choose buffet. For getting full worth of your money, you may probably over eat. Even if you choose to do so, choose healthy options like salad, fresh fruits with low fat dressings like olive oil or vinegar and steamed vegetables.


  • This is a great article! I have gone on a diet and did not want to subject my 10 year old to the same. I am still able to take him out to eat sometimes and I am able to eat healthy still. I do not drink soda anymore – water water water. Good post.