Healthy Eating Is A Must

grilled-food In the hustle and bustle of our daily life healthy eating is a must. We need to keep ourselves going from dawn to dusk. Many argue that healthy food takes a lot of time to cook or either too tasteless to be consumed.  

There is no doubt that taste is a major concern, but health is a far greater concern and the number of patients with blood pressure, hyper tension, diabetes, high cholesterol level, increasing day by day, it is high time that you adopt a healthy nutritious diet routine. Here I have tried to mention some recipes that are quite healthy, low on fat, mostly oil free and  theses food are quite tasty.

Grilled Food:

Do you know what the superstars and the queens with attractive figure swear upon? It is grilled food. They are very tasty, yet low on fat and as the cooking process is simple the food retains most of its nutrients. Try grilled salmon with lemon and pepper, grilled spring chicken with light cheese cream, or grilled turkey with celery and lemon. Many Japanese foods are very low in fat content like the sushi, the national food of Japan.

Tasty Light Breakfasts:

A welcome relief from the same old boring corn flakes and oat meals that make you feel cries loud in the morning. But no more of that nonsense. Try English muffin and Cream Cheese with roasted whole wheat. Mix tomatoes, salt and pepper Trust it is unbelievably tasty.

You can also try sandwiches with brown bread, fried egg whites and bacon and dash of lemon and pepper on it. Try the waffle and Bacon breakfast. It is really tasty.

You just need to have enough imagination of healthy eating for trying out various combinations which will suit your body and taste buds.

So why wait? Plan all healthy diets for you and your family.