Health Drinks : Water, the Elixir of Good Health

Tired of all those health drinks that claim to work like magic in removing those extra kilos from your body? Well, don’t be disheartened. For there is one more drink, you definitely need to try out. It works and better, and it’s free!

Wondering what that magic elixir would be? The answer is simple. Plain Water! Studies have revealed that water works better than most health drinks in keeping a body lean, healthy and attractive. You don’t need to diet, you don’t need to exercise and you don’t need to visit the doctor for tummy tucks.

Water, if consumed properly and at the correct time, can work wonders in ridding your body off excess fat. All you need to take into account are the following tips to make sure that this elixir does its job of transforming you into a star.

No more Iced Tea and Sodas: Recent studies have revealed that most of the calories that are absorbed into the body on a daily basis do not come from food at all.

The culprit instead is soda. Soda accounts for 7 percent of the total calorie intake in the body on a daily basis and cutting down on it can save you precious calories.

This in turn can help you get rid of almost 1.5 pounds in a month and almost 18 pounds in a year. For example, let’s say you eat an average of about 3500 calories a day in the form of both foods and drinks.

By removing soda from your diet, you can bring down your average calorie intake to nearly 3255 a day. That leaves you with more room for losing weight faster.

Drink plenty of water: Substitute sodas and iced teas with water. It is deemed necessary to drink atleast 8 cups of water every day. The more water you drink, the more weight you will lose.

To be more precise, drinking 1 litre (about 4 ½ cups) of water a day enables you to lose about 5 pounds in a year. Drinking plenty of water also improves your body metabolism.

Accordingly, individuals who drink more than 4 cups of water a day (6 or 8 cups) enjoy higher concentration and energy levels when compared to those who drink less water.

Studies have also revealed that the body burns more calories when it absorbs more water. So keep drinking lots of water and you may well be on the road to shedding off almost 6 pounds by the end of 12 months.

Yogurt Based Smoothies: Remember those smoothies that we were fond off as kids? Well, you will be delighted to note that these yummy delights can help you in reducing almost 10 pounds in a year.

Smoothies that are blended properly, are high in nutrition and can satisfy your hunger pangs quickly. The thicker the smoothie, the better it is. This is because it tends to fill your stomach completely, leaving little space for other foods.

No Juices Please: If you really want to lose weight, forget about juice, even if it is 100% fruit concentrate. Even 100% fruit concentrated juices have their flaws and can add some serious flab to the waistline.

Apart from this, other drinks also contribute a major portion of calories to the body. Most juices contain almost 150 calories and 50 grams of sugar in one bottle. Stop them and you can lose almost 19 pounds in a year.

Say no to Coffee and Caffeinated Drinks: Stop coffee and its ilk and you can successfully shed 18 pounds of weight in a year. It was found in a study that most individuals preferred blended coffee drinks in contrast to regular coffee or tea.

Blended drinks can add almost 239 calories to your body in one cup. Alternatively, you can opt for regular coffee or tea that contains only 63 calories even after adding sugar or a sweetening agent.

Follow these simple tips for a year and you will be amazed at how much weight you would have lost by then. Remember! It’s not only the food you eat that matters. What you drink matters as well!