Health Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

My Shades Sunglasses are meant not just to look cool, but wearing them is necessary for your eyes, especially during summers. Sunglasses protect your eyes from sun damage. They also protect the delicate skin of the under eye area from the powerful UV rays of the sun and helps to avoid premature ageing. As you protect your skin using sunscreen, in the same way to protect your eyes you need to wear sun glasses that can block UV rays.

Sunglasses are absolutely necessary for age related eye diseases, especially cataracts. Those who spend longer time in the sun must wear sun glasses. Too much sun exposure can damage their eyes by making yellow spots on the white area of their eyes. Do not purchase ordinary sunglasses from road side venders or drug stores. While buying sunglasses, ask for glasses that can give sufficient UV protection.  Also look for large wraparound sun glasses which can protect your eyes from storm, wind dust and pollen. Eye expert suggest to buy glasses that are brown, green and of grey color. These glasses are protective eye wear because they have the power to filter UV rays in a far better way than other color and ordinary lenses.

Wearing sunglass while driving or playing sports in the sun helps a lot. They can protect us from the reflection of sun or snow, water or any other shining object. This type of reflection can prove fatal while driving.  To avoid reflection, one should buy Polarized lenses which can reduce reflection. Lenses not only can cut glare, some colored lenses can improve our perception as well. Some lenses help in blocking blue light.

Wearing sunglasses is also a fashion. Not just celebrities, even ordinary people look style when carrying sunglasses. Sunglasses can help you to cope with light sensitivity. If some one suffers from conjunctivitis, he must wear sunglasses to avoid spreading infection. There are plenty of sunglasses in different styles and fashion available in the market.  Try to choose the accurate pair keeping in mind your need and style.