Health Benefits of Apples

Benefits of Apples The old saying “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” is totally justified. Apple has many health rich properties. Eating this bright colored fruit can be a great delight. The best thing about Apple is, they are high in fibers, minerals and nutrients but they are almost zero in calorie count.  So you can eat this delicious crunchy fruit as often as ou like.

Amazing Benefits of Apple

•    Apple contains flavonoid and polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants. Eating only 100g of apple is equivalent to taking 1500 mg of Vitamin C.

•    The rich vitamin and mineral content of apple can strengthen blood vessels.

•    Apples can improve digestion and prevent liver diseases.

•    Eating apple regularly can reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure level.

•    Eating two apples a day can reduce cholesterol up to 10%

•    Apples can work as detoxifier and helps in prevention of many disease. Drinking apple juice regularly strengthens the immune system.

•    Consumption of apple cider vinegar can prevent the formation of stone in kidney.

•    Eating apple is beneficial to reduce obesity, anemia, arthritis, headache, tuberculosis, insomnia and gall stone.

•    Apples can very well cleanse our system. Being a fiber rich fruit they help in better bowel movement.

•    Apple is a great energy booster. It is an ideal snack for post exercise session because it can replace the lost fluids and hydrate the body and provide required amount of sugar.

•    Eating apples regularly brings glow to our skin. Using it topically as facial mask can cleanse your skin very well.

•    Apple makes teeth and gums strong and healthy.

•    A person suffering from gout and rheumatism can get relief to a great extent by eating apple.

•    Those who suffer from stomach problems and indigestion must eat apple in breakfast.
•    Grated apple mixed with yogurt can give relief to a diarrhea patient.


While buying apple you must take care that they are not over ripe. It should be hard. Keep them in refrigerator to avoid decay. Apples can be eaten in many other forms like pudding, custard, soufflé and the like. While buying apples do not go for their shinning. Apples are often waxed to give shining.