Harmful Effects of Drinking Alcohol

drinking Moderate and occasional drinking may make you a little livelier and relaxed, you may feel less tired, but if one becomes a frequent drinker then he is definitely playing with his health. Alcohol slowly damages every cell, every vital organ of our body and stops them from functioning properly. Alcohol intake not only damages the liver, it causes heart problems, diabetes, strokes, mental and sexual health problem. Excessive drinking even weakens our immune system.

Bad effects of drinking alcohol are innumerable. Mouth and throat cancer are caused by drinking alcohol. Those women who drink alcohol have great risk of developing breast cancer. Drinking alcohol is like slow poisoning. To get temporary relieve from tension and work pressure many people indulge in drinking but slowly they get addicted to it. This addiction leads them to a hellish life where with poor health and loss of memory their existence becomes a vegetable existence. Drinking even changes their physical appearance with poor skin, dull hair and nails. Our overall health is affected because excessive drinking creates deficiency of essential nutrients in our body.

Drinking alcohol is too hazardous for our health as it affects us both physically and psychologically. Physical effects are numerous. These include liver problems, kidney damage, stomach and intestinal problems, poor memory, Ulcers, insomnia, nausea, blackouts and many more. Its psychological effects are all the more dangerous. They suffer from nervousness, depression, anxiety, anger, shame, guilt and aggression. We have noticed that most of the road rages, incident of domestic violence or aggression occur, when people are heavily drunk.

Because of their drinking habits many people lose a lot of money.  Addiction becomes so horrible sometimes, that they don’t mind spending money on drinking at the cost of their children’s education or other necessary family expenses. Heavy drinkers almost spoil their social and family life. They often get hangover and stay in bed sick and spoil their holiday.

So, there is no doubt that alcohol addiction not only spoils our health, but it spoils our relationship and effects society as a whole in terms of accidents, violence, crime and even immature death. One can get rid of his drinking habit by practicing yoga and meditation.