Hairstyles For African American Women

african-american Black is beautiful. The black African American hairstyles too are beautiful and stylish in their own way. The African American hairstyles include the braids, corn rolls and weaves. They are not fond of the normal hairstyles and as a matter of fact they are not suitable for the kind of hair the African Americans have.

Different types of African American hairstyles

Short hairstyles

Short hairstyles for African American women are not limited with styles. Short hairstyles are suitable for African American women of any age and hair types. Spiky, straight, smooth, curly, are some hairstyles naturally could be obtained in African American women.

Medium length hairstyles

Medium length hairstyles for African American women are usually can be of two types, straight and curly. The straight hairstyle is so glossy and glorious and the curly hairstyle gives a diverse look to the woman.

Long hairstyles

Like the medium hairstyles the long hair also could be kept straight and curly both. One can sport the natural curls or enhance them with various instruments and gels. Among the African Americans the trend of straight hair is in fashion now. You can see famous singer Beyonce for example. She sometimes keeps her hair straight and lustrous and sometimes goes for soft curls.

Micro braids hairstyle is something specially designed for African American women. This style is an integral part of African American tradition which nowadays has become a fashion. Nowadays no one keeps the hair in their traditional way of numerous braids and buns. Less people are seen among the African Americans who use the traditional headgear. The African American hair is naturally thick and woolly. But as nowadays they are mostly mixed breed they have different hair textures. So they can use any hairstyle they want to have.


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