Hair Transplantation

hairstyles-for-oval-face Loss of hair is a very serious problem which not only leads to a badly looking head but also causes serious problems inside the body. The severity level for the disease varies from person to person.

Generally people get really excited when it comes to treating hair related diseases and start using unnecessary supplements and antibiotics which are really harmful. But they forget that before following any treatment it’s always better to consult the doctor to find out the real cause behind the problem. It has been detected in various cases that the treatment gets started even without knowing the real cause.

All this leads to much more mess than expected as the damage is not just restricted to the hair. It reaches to the internal skin and subsequently the entire body.

It is presumed since long time back that there is no such permanent treatment for hair loss but is not at all true. Various possible solutions are available among which you have to choose the best on that suits the texture of your skin type. One of the most common causes for hair loss is stress. So avoid situations that might lead to anxiety. Start doing yoga exercises for mental relaxation. This would lead to improvement in hair as well.

Hair transplantation is the most suggested treatment for hair loss. Anybody can undergo this treatment but generally men are found of choosing this treatment than women. The reason behind is a misconception about the re-growth of the hair. Many people especially women think that they might not be left with the blank patch on the head even after the surgery. This is absolutely incorrect as the surgery is performed in a proper way where the affected portion of the scalp is removed and the baldness is replace by transplanting with another lot of new hair.

The most effective way is to perform the treatment properly which means one should have proper knowledge about the method and the way to perform it. You should be aware about the after effects of the treatment and the precautions and risks involved in it.

Patients should explain all of their medical background to the doctor. If the patients are taking any sort of medication or antibodies then it should be there in the notice of their doctor who will be performing your hair treatment with the use of any kinds of surgery techniques.

Experience matters a lot when it comes to hair treatment so one should rely on the skills and experience of the doctor. This would give the best results.

The transplantation treatment continues for around 3-4hours with the use of surgical equipments and chemicals after which the head is given a proper shampoo wash. The affected layer of the hair on the head which is between 15 to 30 cm and then a needle is used for further detection. Doctors also use microscopes to check the infection. Necessary corrections are made in the hairs and they are then transplanted.

Some precautions are required while performing the surgery and sometimes even after that. One of it after the hair are transplanted the head should be kept clean by the use natural shampoos and cleaning solutions. Avoid going out under the sunlight without any cover. Any exposure to the harmful rays of the sun might lead to other harmful problems and conditions.

It’s quite possible that the area which is treated might result in creating problems like itching where you would feel like scratching that portion. Do not ever do this. It would worsen your condition on a much higher rate. Still if you are facing any such situations then even try to increase your tolerance and do not use any sort of medications or antibiotics to treating this.