Hair Styles for Big Forehead

People who have big foreheads can overcome their feature with the help of proper hairstyle that suits them. All types of hairstyles are not suitable for them so they must be little bit choosy in selecting the hair style.

Some haircuts can adjust on large forehead in very efficient way by masking the size of forehead. Haircut will also cut out some view of large frame of the face. There are some flattering hair cuts available if you are facing the problem of having large or wide forehead.

The best thing that you can use to draw the attention away from your wide or large forehead is your hair. Arrange your hair in such a manner that it draws the viewer’s attention completely towards itself.

Following are some of the hairstyle tips that will teach you hair styles for big forehead:

Facial Hair must always be kept in mind when you are thinking to change your hair style. You can divert the attention away from your forehead if you have a mustache, beard or both. It will make eye down of viewer toward your chin instead of looking upward on your big forehead. Men who have wide or big foreheads should not have side burns which are very prominent as it will draw attention towards your forehead. They must be kept short and thin. You can also remove them to keep eye away from forehead.

Bangs are the most adaptive hairstyle for large foreheads. It is the best thing that can be used for minimizing attention over noticeable forehead. It covers up large forehead and attract viewer’s attention towards haircut rather than wide forehead. They can be classic that should hang between the hairline and the eyebrows. For curly hair it can be layered bangs allowing them to curl up in different layers. You can also have side-swept bangs which start at the part and go to opposite side sweeping over the eyes.

Short Hair cut can also balance wide forehead. You can also have spiky hair style to divert attention from your big forehead. Straight hair can also fall over forehead to hide its wideness. There are number of hair cuts that you can go for to overcome your feature of big or wide forehead.


  • big head andy

    hi my head is bigger then the world and im going bald so thinking of using a wig to save the jokes. i was bullied at school they did “tings” to me and write on my forehead abusive words while spitting on my head so i have to hide this problem so it all dont start again gonna eat some jappties now and start wig hunting.