Hair Care For Split Ends

splitends111 Split ends occur when your hair breaks. It breaks at the end. It is a very common setback which a woman faces.

How split ends occur:

A careless hair care leads to split ends. If your hair-stylist is not trained properly, you may suffer from split ends. The cuticle in your hair acts as a shield. When it is removed from the hair end, split ends take place. Split ends are often observed when your hair is weak and dry.

Extensive dying of hair may lead to split ends. Forceful brushing is also one of the causes.

What you should do:

Few decades back women had their split ends burnt. It is not recommended and not usually followed nowadays.  To play safe, it is best to trim the split ends. Ensure that an experienced hair stylist trims your hair ends. Trimming of your hair every six to eight weeks is desirable.

Even at home you can help yourself by trimming your own hair. By choosing a small segment of your hair and winding it gently downwards, split ends would come out. You can now cut the split ends with a scissor. Likewise you can select the same amount of hair and follow the similar method in eliminating the split ends elsewhere.

Split ends treatments:

As trimming is the only , you should plan your trimming periodically.

Do not ever brush when your hair is wet.

Forceful brushing of hair is to be strictly avoided. A brush with soft bristles is always recommended.

While sleeping, satin pillowcases should be used. This will minimize knotting of hair while sleeping.

Frequent washing your hair with a shampoo eradicates the protective oil of your hair. Washing your hair twice a week with a gentle shampoo would help. Shampoos with moisturizing components (like ceramides and panthenol) are advisable. Choose a shampoo which has sunscreen as a main component.

If your hair is prone to splitting, then use a wide-tooth comb.

With a little precaution and care, you can promise yourself a beautiful split ends free hair.