Give Your Man An Erotic Massage

sensual-massage Erotic massage is something that you and your partner can enjoy by plunging in sensations together and forgetting about all other things. It not only helps deepen relation and intimacy between you and your partner but also give both of you an opportunity to learn about sensitive areas on each other.

Your gentle touch along with your body language will not only provide soothing effect on your beloved one but will also bring him physically and sentimentally close to you.

So, learn tips for giving erotic massage to your beloved one to please him and get his love.

Set the mood

Before starting erotic message it is necessary to let your man feel relaxed, easy and comfortable.

Create a pleasant surrounding by playing soft music and lighting scented candles besides making available aroma oils and clean sheet.

As you start massaging on his body areas you will find yourself and your partner feeling a unique sensation, excitement and pleasure.

Considering that any external disturbance can dampen spirit and enthusiasm of both of you during erotic massage you must switch off cell phones and television.

Choose appropriate place for massage

Ask your partner to comfortably lay on bed or any other flat surface like couch. While positioning yourself you must make sure that your partner’s body is accessible to you.

Keep some rolled towels, oil for massaging and other useful items within your reach. Before starting massage, make sure that your finger nails are well trimmed. Remember that uncut nails on your fingers might create rough scratches on skin of your beloved while you move your hands on him. You can consider warming your hands and oil before starting the massage.

How to do erotic massage?


Ask your partner to keep his eyes closed without allowing unnecessary or external thoughts to come into his mind.

Now unzip your clothes and use your entire body area in massaging on his sexually sensitive body parts. Your body movement will definitely give sensual pleasure to your partner.

Apart from using your hands, you can also give erotic massage to your partner with the use of your hair, breasts, vulva and lips.

Explore hot spots on your partner

You can begin massage with upper part of his body. Now move onto his feet and then finally focus his penis.