Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a very distressing situation in a woman’s life. After pregnancy loss, many women get depressed which may last for months.

Getting pregnant after miscarriage is again a difficult situation for women as it depends upon her emotional and physical health condition.

Since miscarriage makes a woman physically weak, so conceiving another child immediately after it becomes difficult. After miscarriage, a woman also fears of it happening again and again. Sometimes she feels very depressed and sometimes she may turn aggressive.

This is the time when a woman needs support from her husband, family, friends and doctors.

The first important thing to be noted by all these women who want to get pregnant after miscarriage is to know what type of miscarriage she had experienced. Whether, the miscarriage occurred during her labor or delivery or any surgery was required. These conditions help doctors to identify one’s physical readiness for the next pregnancy.

Pregnancy after a miscarriage could be difficult but not impossible. After miscarriage a woman needs to maintain her health by having a healthy diet and exercise. They also need to avoid smoking and drinking for sometime as it could be hazardous for the health.

Next pregnancy depends on how much time she is taking to recover emotionally and physically. After miscarriage a women’s body becomes more fertile and if your physical and emotional health conditions allow you to get pregnant again, then you should go for it. But before this you need to consult your doctor. An overall check-up by your doctor will let you know if you go for pregnancy or not. This will definitely lessen the chances of another miscarriage.

A woman should wait for at least one normal menstrual cycle before going for next pregnancy. Some doctor’s suggest that you should at least wait for three menstrual cycles before getting pregnant after miscarriage.

Pregnancy after miscarriage is possible, so be positive and take care of your health. A woman’s body is at crucial stage after miscarriage and needs adequate rest. Take rest and avoid stress as they cause negative impact on ovarian function. Always be positive and optimistic, read motivational books or work on things that interest you.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

Written many TV serials including Health Based TV Shows, several articles and stories for various renowned magazines and also written articles for websites.