Get Rid Of Freckles

Many girls and women get conscious about their skin and always try to hide marks or pimples by applying more make up or going through expensive treatments.

The most common marks most women and girls find little embarrassing are the freckles.

The most common cause for the freckles is the sun exposure. The freckles start as little brownish dots on skin, which, gradually, turn darker because of the sun exposure. So the easiest way any girl or woman find to hide it is by – make up.

To get rid of the freckles, you can confer with your dermatologist, but remember one-thing, results will not be 100%. The medical treatments like laser, sanding, freezing and acid undoubtedly helps in fading away the freckles on the skin, but the result can be achieved only by multiple sessions, which are very expensive. If the treatment is not carried properly, it can cause skin irritation too.

So here are some easy and economical treatments, you can try to prevent freckles:

As mentioned above, that freckles get darker by the increasing number of skin exposure in the sun. As the UV rays from the sun makes it worse, so apply sunscreen lotions, with highest SPF in it, on your skin before going out. Most of the sunscreen lotions products come with Vitamin A and C, which protects the  skin against harmful sunrays and gradually, lightens the pigmentation on the skin.

People having lighter tone have many choices in market for good products. People having medium to darker skin tone should use product carefully and with cautious as some products can cause hyper-pigmentation, thus, darkening the spots.

Therefore, before using any products consult a dermatologist and check your skin type. Also, products with alpha-hydroxy acids are good for freckle skin. As it helps in reviving the skin cells as well as lightens the freckles on the skin.

In the home remedies, try using lime juice, fruit and vegetable masks like papaya, cucumber, and apricot, which will help in lightening the freckles and thus, making it more healthy and young.

So, instead of going for expensive treatments for treating freckles, you can opt the above given methods to flaunt a blemish free skin.