Get Rid Of Back Pain With The Help Of Abdominal Exercises

back-pain-abdominal-exercis Abdominal exercises, varying from sit ups to crunches can be beneficial in getting rid of back pain. However, many people fail to get relief at the end of the day even after performing such exercises. Perhaps their inability to perform such exercises correctly or perfectly does not provide them relief from back pain.

Abdominal exercises are designed mainly to make abdominal area stronger so that it can reduce the body weight and pressure on spine.

According to doctors, exercising rectus abdominis and external oblique can be performed to reduce back pain. Those having back pain can also exercise internal oblique.

You can support your spine by stretching or straightening back and gluteal muscles. Flex the muscles in abdomens  for bending and supporting the spine from the front besides controlling the  arch of lower back. You can also flex the obliques for stabilizing the upright spine.

Find out an instructor who is skilled in exercises so as to learn how to perform abdominal exercises properly and accurately.

Initially you have to decide what exactly you want to get out of abdominal exercises-whether you want relief from back pain or improvement in overall structural ability

If you want to perform abdominal exercise to reduce your back pain, the first and foremost requirement is to do stretching of the muscles working opposite to muscles of abdomens.

In case you have tight abdominal muscles, the exercise can cause them to become weaker similar to a see saw in which one side goes up while other side goes down.

You can ensure change in your abdominal muscles by stretching the muscles of not only lower back (called erector spine) but also the muscles of hip flexor.

If you want to change the strength of your abdominals you have to bring improvement in your nerve and blood supply besides continuing with sit-ups and crunches all through the life.

In case you have compromised and weak nerve or blood supply you may lose power and strength in your abdominal muscles. In such a case y

Remember that weak abdominal muscles are not the only factor behind lower back pain; rather any small disruption in the joint may contribute to this condition.

Yogesh Mishra