Get Gorgeous Hair This Summer!

769385A The thought of summer brings the vision of long windblown hair and highlights in hair to many of us. However, the truth is that the humidity and harsh rays of the summer sun can damage the hair cuticles and lead to split-ends, frizzy, dry and drab hair. People with curly hair are at a much higher risk of getting frizzy hair in summers. Here are few tips to obtain gorgeous and problem-free hair this summer:

Prevent Static Electricity

To avoid static electricity while shampooing your hair, use a rinse out conditioner as it adds shine as well as moisture to your hair and prevents it from over drying. However, people with thin hair should replace the rinse out conditioner with a leave in conditioner.

Air Dry your Hair

Avoid the use of hot hair tools such as blow dryers, electric curlers and hot irons during the summers. Instead air-dry your hair to get the best results. To get natural waves, braid your hair when it is wet, dry in natural air and open.

Use Natural Products

For the summer months, it is advisable to switch to natural hair care products which do not contain any harmful chemicals. Apply jojoba oil to the end of the strands to soften them. Jojoba oil is also quite useful for treating frizzy hair by applying it as pre-shampoo treatment as well as for protection throughout the day.

Extra Conditioning

To get extra conditioning for your hair, apply deep conditioner to dry or damp root of the hair as well as the strands, wrap up in a shower cap and keep overnight. The deep conditioner would get soaked up into the damaged hair overnight and work to provide extra repair as well as moisturize the hair.

Protect Hair from Direct Sunlight

Don’t hang around in the sun for too long with protecting your scalp and hair during summers. When you are planning to be at a pool or at the beach under the sun’s direct rays, use a hat or scarf to cover up your hair to protect them. If that is not possible, then apply a good SPF rich sunscreen on the tresses as well as scalp. This will protect it from major damage due to sun rays.

Trim Regularly

Trim your hair every six to eight weeks during the summer months to avoid frizzy and split ends.

Following these simple tips, would help you avoid sun damage and get irresistible, gorgeous hair this summer!