Fun Drink Recipes For Christmas

Christmas Drink Looking for new Christmas Drink Recipes so that you can impress your guests this festive season? You can even start a new holiday tradition in your holiday party this year. Various recipes for new drinks are available which can be incorporated into your party this year, so dare to be different and treat your friends and family to a special something this year.


Wassail is a traditional Old English drink made using apple cider and a mix of special spices. Blend these together, heat it for a few minutes and serve. If you want to spice it up a level, you can also add a little brandy to it. This drink has a splendid aroma and a great taste.

Hot Mulled Wine (Gluhwein)

This is a Christmas drink from Germany comprising of warm wine that tastes good and smells incredible. It builds a wonderful holiday atmosphere, by filling up the entire house with a cheerful and wonderful holiday aroma.

Cafe Mexican

Everyone loves to drink a steaming cup of Joe once in a while, but not many know how to turn a simple cup of coffee into a gourmet delight. The recipe of Café Mexico encompasses a combination of special spices along with a bit of whipped cream, turning you coffee into a delightful dessert. You can either serve it without alcohol or add a little Kahlua coffee liqueur to spice it up a notch.

American Eggnog

It is a typical old American holiday recipe which most of us are familiar with. However, it can be given some vigor by adding a little brandy to it. Not only does it tastes great, it warms us from within on the cold winter night.

Add Spice To Your Christmas Drinks

Various unique and novel tastes are available to us from all over the world that can help in adding a little extra to our holiday party this year. Different drink and food recipes can turn our holiday dinner into a gourmet feast; so try something different this year.