First Signs Of Pregnancy

spotting-during-pregnancy-300x258 The very first advice would be to do a pregnancy test yourself or more aptly, get it done by your doctor.

1.) Missed period

The very first sign indicating pregnancy is a missed cycle of period. This sign will automatically will lead you to possibly find out more symptoms. Sometimes it is also possible that some women experience lighter period than usual.

2.) Breast tenderness

One sign that is predominantly clearer about pregnancy is tender, sore or somewhat swollen breasts. Some women might notice it at bedtime or may feel it throughout the day. This is an important sign of pregnancy as the breasts are a vital organ for pregnancy; they tend to get swollen due to the segregation of hormones.

3.) Morning Sickness

This is a well known and the most easily recognized pregnancy symptom. This happens because all night you haven’t eaten anything and your tummy is now craving for food which might also result in you disliking your normal course of breakfast. Some women can try to change their breakfast to avoid morning sickness.

4.) Fatigue

One of the early signs of pregnancy is fatigue. You may start feeling lethargic while working at home or even while in office. It is a very common sign as your body is already gearing up for pregnancy and so many changes are going inside your body that feeling fatigue becomes very normal.

5.) Frequent urination

Some women might notice frequent trips to the restroom. This is because during pregnancy, the uterus expands which tends to put pressure on the bladder and thus you feel the urge to visit the restroom frequently.

6.) Mood swings and irritability

With so many symptoms along with the changing hormones, women get prone to mood swings and irritability. There are a lot of questions ranging in your mind which lead to the mood swings and thus the irritation caused.