First Few Things That Guys Notice in A Woman

Things Men Notice About Women Men and women are completely different from one another. It is mainly due to this reason that they get attracted to each other. One may wonder what exactly men find attractive in a woman. All women cannot be blessed with a perfect figure, mesmerizing eyes or a perfect pout. However, there are various other things that guys notice in a woman when they meet her first. Let us discover them.


Guys always notice whether the smile that the girl is flaunting is genuine or forced, awkward or genuine. It can really give a bad impression if you have something stuck between your teeth or if you have bad breath.


Guys don’t care if you have split ends, but they do notice if your hair looks and smells good. Therefore, avoid keeping messy and unclean hair.


Men usually notice the girl’s hand quite intensely. Pretty hands can present strength as well as elegance simultaneously. They might even wonder what it would like to hold them. Perfectly manicured hands are quite attractive for men.


It is a well known fact that men like to look at the women’s chest, but that doesn’t mean that you should unbutton your shirt wherever they go. Flaunt what you have but to the limit.


Wearing too much makeup which makes you look as if you have painted a different face over your existing one would make guys wonder what it is that you are trying to conceal.


A guy may not even notice a tiny blemish that you had been obsessing over, but they would notice an overly tanned skin.


A woman carrying a big bag containing old receipts, hand sanitizers and emergency sweaters would be presumed to be high maintenance by the guys.