Fill Romance In Your Marriage

add-romance-to-your-marriag Romance is the most essential and vital aspect of married life as helps maintain bond between partners. However, there are many couples who complain that romance does not exist in their relationship any longer.

Lack of romance is perceived to be one of the major factors behind marriage break ups now a day. Therefore, be romantic with your spouse so as to keep your marriage intact and lead a happy married life together.

Look back at the time and remember how romantic you and your partner were when both of you had met each other for the first time. In order to be romantic you need to understand its true meaning.

You should not relate romance to sexual intimacy; rather it is beyond that. Romance is an expression of love and affection. It also includes some amount of fun.

How to be romantic?

You can have a variety of choices to get into romantic mood. To begin with, you can show your smiling face to your partner.

Hold your partner’s hands as a gesture of love and affection.

Keep a romantic love letter at a place that can be easily visible to your partner.

Ask your partner to go for a romantic walk by holding each other’s hands.

Do not forget to give a long kiss without any reason at all and say “I Love You”.

Consider watching a classic romantic movie with your spouse.

Gently bite your spouse’s ear besides whispering some sweet and romantic words that can arouse love and affection between both of you.

In order to be romantic you should understand true sentiments of your partners besides being sensitive to his or her needs.

You should also make sure that while showing romance you have not uttered any word that can hurt your spouse’s sentiments. Rather utter spicy words.

In order to make your partner feel admired, you need to express your thankfullness for his or her presence in your life.