Ensure Better Sexual Intimacy Through Foreplay

sexual-desire Foreplay is the most vital and inevitable part of sexual intercourse. Without it the sexual intimacy of you and your partner will remain incomplete.

Most of the men focus vagina for lovemaking and do not pay much attention to other sexually sensitive body parts of their female sexual partners. They become too impatient for vaginal penetration to wait for proper lubrication and stimulation, leaving their partners sexually unsatisfied.

Therefore in order to start a lovemaking session first warm up your female partner and ignite her passion for sex with the help of foreplay. However, you can perform foreplay in better way only when you are emotionally attached to your partner.

Follow some simple steps for proper foreplay:

Psyche yourself. Be mentally prepared for foreplay before you move ahead for sexual intercourse. Make a mental picture of the entire series of lovemaking before meeting your female partner and bringing her to your bedroom.

Gently talk to your partner to know what she likes and dislikes.  By talking to her you can get necessary feedback to please her through sex. Try to know if she likes massage or prolonged kissing. Admire her and tell how much you love her.

Ensure comfortableness and coziness in your bedroom by laying clean bed sheets on your bed and making available pillows.

Try to prolong your foreplay session by spending more time in kissing. Initially kiss her gently and then gradually do it passionately.  Embrace her fully clothed before undressing her gradually.

Instead of being obsessed with orgasm, enjoy togetherness by gently touching and kissing sexually sensitive body parts of your partner. While kissing, gently rub your finger tips on her sensitive body parts. Do not focus only on her genital area; rather kiss her lips, shoulders and navel besides fondling and squeezing her boobs.

Come to genital area only in the later stage of foreplay after gently brushing your hands and kissing all important areas such as lips and cheeks, boobs, neck, shoulder, back, buttocks and thighs. Stimulate clitoris and G-spot with insertion of finger or licking up. This will ensure proper lubrication.

Perform oral sex in case both of you are comfortable with it. Let your partner suck your penis before you lick her genital with tongue.