Ensure Amazing Mutual Orgasm with Coital Alignment Technique

sex-drives-and-exercise2 You may be reaching at the climax of sexual pleasure through back on forth movement of your penis within vagina of your partner while positioning yourself and your partner in a traditional missionary style.

However, you have never imaged about added pleasure that can be amazingly achieved through simultaneous and mutual orgasm with the help of Coital Alignment Technique.

Once you and your partner try and learn this technique during intercourse both of you will never feel like doing sex with any other positions.

What makes Coital Alignment Technique so unique and distinct is that it ensures proper vaginal lubrication and mind-blowing female orgasm with continuous stimulation of clitoris through the base of the penis (the point at the pubic region of penis) and repeated thrusting during upward movement of penis.

How to position?

Have your female partner laid down on her back keeping yourself atop her similar to traditional missionary style. Now make sure that pelvic areas of both you are slightly facing against each other.

While inserting your penis into vagina make sure that it strikes the soft mound existing atop vagina. Ask your female partner to wrap you by swathing her legs around your thighs with her ankles resting over your calves.

Avoid supporting your weight with your hands or elbows; rather keep yourself atop your partner if she is not feeling discomfort due to your body weight.

Coital Alignment Technique focuses only movement of pelvic areas of sexual couple. What you need to do is to ensure proper positioning of yourself and your partner.

With mutual and simultaneous thrusting and movement of pelvic areas, both you and your partner will discover a unique and pleasurable back and forth movement that can never be experienced in any other techniques of sex.

How to do sex with Coital Alignment Technique?

After properly positioning for Coital Alignment Technique, ask your female partner to forcefully make an upward movement of her pelvis for pushing you backward.

What you need to do during her pelvic movement is to ensure sustenance of counter-pressure against her pelvis particularly the clit.

Now in response to downward movement of her pelvis, you push your pelvic your pelvis downward.  Now it is the turn of your partner to sustain counter-pressure against your penis.

With forward and backward movement of her pelvis, the shaft of your penis must rock forward.

Both penis and clit are joined together in inexorable manner through pressure and counter-pressure unlike any other typical sexual techniques which only necessitate sliding of the penis while remaining partially out of vaginal canal.