Emotional Affair – Signs That Tell You It’s More Than Friendship

Sometimes you may not be even aware that things are taking a different turn and that your friend is no more “just a friend” to you. Though, chances are that you will discard off the idea casually only to realize later that you have entered into deeper trouble.

So, before it is too late, recognize the signs of emotional infidelity and take suitable precaution to stop yourself from being disloyal to your partner.

Since you are the only one who can read and interpret your own thoughts, therefore think sincerely about how you feel for this special friend of yours and how that is affecting your marriage and life in general. Try to reflect on your relationship with your spouse or partner and realize if your friendship with your “friend” has increased the differences or distance between you and your partner.

If you find that you have started maintaining a distance from your partner or have started avoiding being intimate with your partner, then this is a warning sign for you. Though this alone can not be taken as the proof of your emotional infidelity, and there can be other reasons behind this behavior of yours, but this added up with other signs surely speaks of your infidelity.

You like to spend more time with your friend and thus end up spending less time with your spouse. In fact you wait eagerly for meeting up or talking to your friend. You spend a lot of your time thinking or day dreaming about your friend. You disclose and discuss your private matters with him/her.

You share your feelings and secrets with your friend instead of sharing them with your partner. You find your friend more understanding than your spouse. It sometimes may seem to you that your spouse does not understand you at all while your friend can do that effortlessly. These are some of the clear signs of you developing a more concrete feeling for your friend and hinting at your disloyalty for your partner.

And finally, you are not comfortable about letting your spouse know of your friend. So, either you keep your friend a complete secret from your spouse or you hide from your partner about the time spent with your friend.

If all these signs are present in your “friendship”, then it’s time to draw a line to the relationship.