Emotional Affair And Its Consequences

Emotional affair means an affair without any physical intimacy. A person in an emotional affair builds a strong emotional bonding with someone other than his/her partner.

Though no physical relationship is established between the two involved in the affair, even then this relationship has a severe affect or impact on the relationship the person having the affair shares with his/her partner.

An emotional affair increases the distance between a couple. Since the person involved in an emotional affair distances himself from his partner or spouse, so the bonding or emotional connection between themselves weakens. The cheating partner also communicates less with his spouse since he likes to share his secrets, problems, desires, etc with his new found “friend”.

Therefore a communication gap is created between the partners. This often leads to misunderstandings and disappointments between the couple which in turn leads to fights and more confusion between them.

A person in an emotional affair also avoids being intimate with his partner, whether emotionally or physically. This makes things more complicated. Apart from that, the cheating partner starts finding faults with his partner. In such a scenario the new friend often seems to be right and perfect whereas the partner always seems to be incorrect or faulty.

The person in an emotional affair often tries to see his new friend in his partner or spouse and on failing to find so reacts irritably. The person involved in the affair tends to spend more and more time with his “friend” thus compromising on his married life. Spending less time with the spouse or partner only adds to the problem and makes it more serious.

All these lead to a lot of tension in the relationship or the marriage. The relationship of the couple becomes strained and dissatisfactory thus pushing both the partners even farther away from each other.

Other than these, once the spouse of the cheating partner comes to know of this affair, he/ she completely loses trust from his/her partner and the relationship. The concerned partner may experience lack of confidence in self and may even get into a depression.

Finally, all this chaos may lead to the end of a marriage or breaking up of a long term relationship. Emotional affair may begin as an innocent friendship but is capable of doing great damage to your relationship.