Effective Ways To Boost Your Mind Power

brainfitness It is a common observation that some people have great power to remember the minutest of details whereas others struggle to remember the information that is important for them. Most people believe that people who possess great memory are born with extraordinary IQ. But the truth is that every person has the potential to boost their mind power with the help of certain techniques.

Teach Others

Knowledge is a blessing. The more you share it with others, the more you are able to boost your memory. This is because when you teach others you truly understand the concepts and able to apply them in your lives.

Put your knowledge on paper

Whatever you are learning, try to write them in the form of article or essay.  Writing requires in depth the exploration of the concerned topic which will help you to  gain expertise on the same.

Maintain Good Health

To increase the efficiency of your brain, it is important to provide nutrition to your brain.

Eat healthy food at frequent intervals to maintain your blood sugar level, do exercise at least for 15 minutes daily, take out time to relax for a while, have good sleep every night at least for seven hours, and make sure to drink 7-8 glasses of water each day.

Use All Five Senses to Learn

Try to learn everything using all your senses. This will allow you to draw a clear picture of the topic in your mind. Learn using chart, graph, picture or diagram to keep the concept clear. Make good use of the senses of sight, hearing, sound, touch and smell to improve the power of your mind.

Be Motivated

One of the greatest enhancements for your memory is motivation. Just like students have immense motivation before an exam which makes them study all night, motivation helps us in learning everything in high gear. Develop a reward system for yourself which would help in motivating you.

Learn While Sleeping

What would be a better utilization of your time that being able to learn your studies while sleeping? This can be done by playing its audio version on a CD player during your light sleep. However, remember that only matter such as dates, vocabulary and facts can be learnt during sleep, not complex information.