Effective Everyday Tips For Back Pain Relief

back-pain In today’s hectic and heavy life schedules, it’s quite difficult to stay healthy and without any ailments. Many people these days have a 9-5 sitting job which leads them to major back problems.

Most of the complaints are regarding back pain which can either be a sign of any injury or any problem related to the spinal chord. The problem can be sever as it clearly affects your lifestyle, be it at work or even enjoying with your kids or with family.

Most of the times, the problem is not expected to last for much time, it gets over within a span of one-two weeks but in case it doesn’t you clearly need to consult your doctor. There can be treatment methods like yoga, massage therapies, some medicines or acupuncture but to avoid all these, there are some tips for back pain relief.

1.) When people encounter lower back pain, they consider taking rest as the most feasible option to cure their pain not realizing that actually the back pain needs its doze of exercise to be cured. Resting makes the back weaker. What it requires the most when it’s hurt is stretching and strengthening the muscles supporting the spinal chord. Try simple exercises like walking, cycling, swimming, or some stretching exercises.

2.) Sometimes, the pain can also be a result of being over weight or being over weight can worsen it. People do say that they are hardly a few pounds overweight but being overweight is equivalent to carrying the surplus weights on your shoulders and the back pain isn’t surprising in that case. It is advisable to follow a healthy diet to maintain a healthy body.

3.) It is very important to maintain correct postures while sitting and standing, when the head is bowed in front or even at the back, an additional 15 pound weight constantly pulls you forward which strains the shoulder and neck.

4.) Ice can be used as an effective tool to reduce pain. An ice pack should be applied to the injured area followed by a massage therapy. It should be done everyday for about 20 minutes for its effect to take place easily.

5.) A heat pack helps relax the muscles, increasing the flow of blood and speeds up recovery. It not only provides relaxation and comfort but also many healing benefits for the pain along with relief. It is also very easy to use and inexpensive. Sometimes, an ice pack does wonders to patients but many times it’s the heat therapy that works. In fact, it is advised to use both the therapies in alteration.

It may be noted that the intensity of the problem varies from an individual to another so the same remedy might not work for another patient thereby it is advisable to consult a doctor if the problem pertains. For back pain relief, massage therapy, combination of ice and heat pack and exercise works the most.