Easy Steps To Save Money At The Salon

haircut-300x199 With the market going down day by day and the budget constraints it becomes quite tough to look your best at all the times. As much as it is important to look your best at all the times, saving on your extra splashing budget is also an important task. These are some simple tips through which you can easily save those extra bucks at the salon and make the best deal in the most reasonable way.

1.) If you can’t really afford the topmost stylist at the salon, you should book an appointment with his junior who has been trained by him. Booking follow up appointments with the junior helps in saving quite a good amount of money. The architecture of the cut will remain for at least six months, after which you can easily visit the master.

2.) Most of the stylists offer ‘dusting’ or more commonly known as fringe shaping, for free. It clearly opens up your face and revives your old cut. It is an effective way to increase the time between the two appointments. In fact, a cut on short hair can be less forgiving but an expert cur on longer hair will stay for as long as three months.

3.) Before actually getting haircut at a new and pricey salon, try to test its services first. For instance you can take a blow dry from the stylist and then judge for yourself the taste and the personality of the stylist. It is an inexpensive investment which can save your money on the pricey haircut.

4.) You can easily save on the tip if you book your session with the salon owner. In fact you actually can save the money by avoiding giving over tip to his assistants.

5.) Use conditioners and glazes like Clairol shine Happy which will easily improve the dull color of your hair between your various visits without actually changing the tone of your hair.

6.) Getting a highlight is easier to maintain and much cheaper than single process color if shades are chosen closest to the natural color of your hair.