Easy Snacks- For Evening Party

Easy snacks An evening party is incomplete without tea and snacks. If you serve variety of snacks which are light and healthy, your party will be remembered for many days. Gathering snacks from market might solve the purpose but would not fetch you the compliments you deserve after putting so much of effort. Home made snacks are always appreciated but you should have easy and crispy recipes to impress your guests. Here are some ideas for quick and tasty snacks:

• Finger Sandwiches: They are easy to make and you can experiment with two or three different types of them to make everyone happy. Cut the bread in fun shapes to attract the kids and you can add chicken or bologna and cheese according to your choice. You can cut the sandwiches into small pieces and add a toothpick to each snack. It would look like a small surprise for the people who love healthy food.

• Snack Mix: They are all about mixing a few ingredients. One of the famous snack mixes is Cashew, corn and cherry snack mix. You can experiment with ingredients like chili bean, honey or other cereals. The best part about the snack mix is that, they are easier to make and delicious to eat.

• Kabobs: Kabobs add fun to cooking and flavor to the party. You don’t require to grill them and you make miniature ones to keep the young guests happy. Instead of using large kabob sticks you can simply use the toothpicks to spear grapes, small berries and cubes of fruits and cheese. Make plenty of them because they very popular.

• Sweet Potato Sausage Balls: They are made with mashed potatoes, shredded cheese, and biscuit mix. You can serve these sausage balls with mustard or salsa sauce to give it a tangy taste.

• Colorful Cheese Popcorns: No matter what the occasion is every party has a color and colored cheesy popcorns go well with every party color. You just need to add the food color of your choice and bit of cheese or butter to add zest to the popcorns. They can be made in less than three minutes but can turn your party into a colorful treat. You can add garlic, chili powder or your favorite seasoning mix to make them more happening.