Dress Code For Interviews

interview1-300x225 A lot of argument goes on about the dress code for interviews. Should you wear a formal or a semi-formal dress during the interview? It may depend upon the position you have applied for, or it may be a company where always formal dress is appreciated. You should always be prepared with the dress you would be wearing during the day of your interview.

Selection of your dress code is also preparing for the interview. Dressing up properly for interviews sets the tone in you and the impression amongst the interview board. Remember there are thousands like you eyeing the same post and to make a difference you have to win the interviewer.

The Dress:

What you actually wear for the interview day actually says a lot of things about you. Most of the dressing should be done keeping in mind the job. The dress code of a PA or an executive of an IT farm would be different from the cabin crew team of an Airbus. Keep that in mind.

The Garments:

If you are appearing for an interview in an IT farm then be prepared to dress formally. Light colored shirts paired with dark colored trousers are the favorite interview dress and have remained unchanged. Do not try to anything funky. For women it is the business suits. Do not wear body tight, plunging neck dress. For guys faded Jeans are a strict no.

The Jewelry:

Well the minimum the better. For guys no jewelry is the keyword. Do not try to wear bracelets, chains and try to be extra smart. It may cost you the dream job. For girls simple earrings and a watch is enough. A nose ring may damn your whole career.

Your Shoes:

Boring it may sound but choose between black and brown, only leather shoes. At least for that day ditch your trendy sneakers. These do not go well before the MD or the CEO.

It is better to dress too conservatively than too casually.