Dos and Don’ts for New Moms

Young Pregnant Woman Being pregnant is completely a new experience for would-be mothers. So they are bombarded with do’s and don’ts and thousands of advices from almost every quarter. Some of them may be useful while other advices you receive may be ridiculous. You may get confused which one to follow and which one to refrain from during the period of pregnancy. There are various health guides available for women’s health and especially for pregnant women in health websites. Keeping in view the health of your unborn baby and your own health, here are some do’s and don’ts, following which you can give birth to a healthy baby and keep a watch on your health as well.

Pregnancy Dos

•    Regular prenatal checkup is necessary during the period of pregnancy. This will keep both the baby and the mother healthy and can diagnose any problem immediately, if it occurs.
•    Take prenatal vitamins and folic acid regularly which is a prerequisite for pregnant women because it lowers the risk of any birth defects.
•    Eat variety of healthy, fiber rich food with lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and calcium rich foods.
•    Take all the essential nutrients, particularly iron supplement daily with your doctor’s advice. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia and premature baby birth or low weight baby.
•    Hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water and fluids.
•    Rest is essential; but keep moving also unless your doctor restricts it. Physical activity is good for the mom and baby.
•    Gaining weight is necessary, but gaining weight more than required can develop complication during delivery.
•    Drink plenty of low fat milk and yoghurt to get the calcium required.
•    Take care of your cleanliness and hygiene.
•    Sleep enough, resting on your left side to ensure proper blood flow to you and your baby. To make yourself comfortable use pillow under your belly and between the legs,
•     If you have any health problem like diabetes, take constant opinion from your doctor and control your sugar level and blood pressure.

Pregnancy Don’ts

•    Quit smoking completely. It can pass on cancer causing drugs to your baby, prevent the baby from getting the required nourishment and cause miscarriage, premature birth or infant death.
•    Don’t drink alcohol. It can bring unwanted harm to the unborn baby.
•    Guard yourself from food borne illness. Avoid raw or undercooked meals and caffeinated beverages.
•    Avoid Exposure to chemicals, paints and other toxic substance.
•    Avoid x-rays.
•    Do exercise. But only light and moderate exercise.
•    Don’t take analgesic or any other medicine without consulting your doctor.
•    Remove stress. Always remain positive. Read good books, listen to good music and remain cheerful.