Dog Health Problems

If you have a dog as a pet at your home, you must have noticed that he too fall ill. If you notice any health problems in your dog, you should consult its veterinarian for your dog’s health problems. Few important dog health problems are discussed below.

Skin problem is the most common problem in dogs. This problem develops generally due to external parasites. Your dog might suffer from Demodectic Mange or Sarcoptic Mange which are caused by mites. Though, both kinds of Mange are unpleasant, and cause many problems to your dog, Sarcoptic Mange is contagenious and can get transferred to you. Hence, this kind of Mange is considered as a serious disease. Its prevention and treatment needs to be done as early as possible.

When you observe the signs of mange in your dog, isolate him from other pets and keep your family members, especially your children away from the dog. Start your dog’s treatment immediately which may come in the form of medicinal baths, injections, ointments or oral medications.

Rabies is the most dangerous canine disease. If dog infected with rabies, bites any of your family members even accidentally, infection will be transmitted through the saliva of the infected dog. Rabies is fatal and may cause death. Hence, you must vaccinate your dog against rabies and keep him away from other animals which are not vaccinated against rabies.

Parasites attack your dog and cause several health problems. Mites, Ticks, Fleas and Lice are some parasites found externally whereas Tapeworms, Hookworms, Heartworms, Whipworms are found inside your dog’s body. While external parasites cause skin problems and make your dog scratch, internal parasites cause serious problems such as bleeding, anemia and even death. Hence, you should consult your dog’s veterinarian after observing any sign of illness in your dog.

There are many symptoms of diseases in dogs. If your dog loses interest in food and doesn’t eat, he is probably facing health problems. If your dog vomits or is suffering from diarrhea he is ill. Even if your dog drinks excess water, you can say that your dog is sick.

If your dog keeps scratching his body he might be facing skin diseases. Foul breath of dog or excessive discharge from his nose is also a sign of his bad health. When you observe him difficulties in breathing, you must take him to his veterinarian immediately.

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