Do You Know Why We Lose Memory?

memory-loss Memory loss can happen to anybody. At various circumstances, in spite of having good memory, we too fail to remember a couple of important things. But this becomes a problem when we absolutely fail to recall significant things at right time.

But have you ever thought why do you actually forget too many things on regular basis?

You may answer that it is very difficult to give exact reasons for losing memory frequently. But the treatment of the problem lies in the causes and you have to first make a list of such factors.

A person does not lose memory just because he does not engage his brain in different activities. Rather, he might lose memory simply because he is a chain smoker.

Likewise, if a person gets completely fed up with the unending family problems then he becomes peevish. He feels reluctant to stay long at home and prefers to be at work or away from family members.

These types of disturbances in life can sometimes lead to memory loss. This problem also occurs when a person suffers a personal loss and either his family member or any closer one dies.

Similarly, if you are a running a business which is not making profit for the long time and meanwhile your debts are rising then it might affect the normal functioning of your brain.

And if you are in job and you don’t have an excellent rapport with your colleagues and boss then you would hardly show enthusiasm at work and might carry a feeling in the mind that everyone your office is your enemy. Such mentality makes you more tensed and ultimately it might affect your memory power.

People who live stressful life due to unemployment, excessive work pressure or because of common health problems also experience memory loss.

A person also loses memory if he sustains brain injury or undergoes brain surgery. Sometimes, intake of medicines for a long time for the treatment of critical diseases like cancer also affects sharpness of one’s memory.

A person also fails to remember in old age. Sometimes, he may even suffer from dementia which is mental deterioration of organic or functional origin. This problem can be cured if the patient quickly starts treatment process.

Yogesh Mishra