Diet and Exercise Plan for Weight Loss

Size-Zero Figure Today’s Fashion

Size-zero figure is becoming a craze amongst all college going girls. They have become mad for achieving this zero figure like actresses. For This zero figure, all girls are trying to lose their unwanted weight. The easiest way of becoming slim and trim, which the girls have found is to stop eating. Even though you are hungry, do not eat or otherwise you will gain weight. I agree that this solution has lost their weight, but it has also created many health related problems. Only having thin body but not the gorgeous skin will not satisfy you. Starving makes your skin wrinkled, and dull looking. Starving also causes weakness in you, sometimes you might be hospitalized. And for how many days you will control your hunger? At last you have to eat.

Steps to Lose Weight

Instead of troubling yourself by starving, go step by step to lose weight. If you are extremely fatty then go to the doctor and rule out its cause. Some diseases like diabetes mellitus, etc. which causes weight gaining may have affected you. Do daily exercise at least for twenty minutes. Brisk walking is the best exercise. Exercise not only slim you but it also makes your heart strong.

Take oil free diet every day. Diet containing high calories should be avoided. Even a cup of tea or coffee contains five hundred calories. So avoid tea and coffee. Drink a glass of Luke warm water mixed with Lemmon juice and a teaspoonful honey every morning. Do not eat more meat, chicken, or fish, as they are the rich sources of fats. Try to eat only vegetarian diet containing fewer calories.

Weight Losing Tablets

If you really want to lose weight and become slim and trim without affecting your skin and health, like actresses, you must do two things. Without these two things your weight lose mission will not complete. Stopping eating food and taking weight loosing tablets, will not give you result. The two things you are in need of are diet and exercise. Both of these are interrelated to each other. Only following one of these two will not make you slim. You must follow them together. Try to do daily exercise along with proper diet.