Diabetes And Fruits: What To Eat And What To Avoid

Diabetes is such a condition that people are often afraid to eat any food that tastes sweet. So, most of the diabetics even avoid fruits which taste sweet. But this is a completely false notion that diabetics should not have fruits.

In fact, the people suffering from diabetes can have fiber rich fruits like strawberries, raspberries, guavas, watermelon, plums, all citrus fruits, etc. and these actually help in controlling blood sugar level in the body. The sugar present in such fruits increases the sugar content in the body at a gradual pace and can often be used as the only harmless source of sugar for the body. Fruits also help in providing the very essential minerals to the body.

But fruits and fruit juices should not be taken to be the same. Fruits provide sugar at a limited rate that is beneficial for the diabetic. But only one fruit does not make a glass of fruit juice. So you need quite a few and that means more sugar going into the body with a single glass. That is the reason why the diabetics are advised to stay away from fruit juices. Moreover, having juices leaves out the all important fiber needed for the body.

However, all fruits are not the same and some of them do have high sugar content. These are to be avoided as the sugar level may rise in the body at a faster pace than the desired limit. Such fruits include mango, custard apple, banana and grapes. A diabetic should also avoid dry fruits as much as they can because these are concentrated masses of fat. One should especially avoid raisins and dates as the sugar content of these dry fruits are concentrated and can easily raise the sugar level at a fast pace.

Fruits, except those with high sugar content, should be a part of the diet plan of a diabetic as they are good sources of minerals, fiber and vitamins. Citrus fruits are quite good as they contain manganese, one of the main minerals needed for synthesis of insulin. Moreover, fructose present in fruits does not need insulin to break down which makes it ideal for consumption of the diabetics.