Detecting Asthma In Young Children

More than half million children throughout the world reach the emergency room of a hospital due to asthmatic condition each year. Almost half of these even require hospitalization for a few days because of the different symptoms of asthma. In young children, asthma accounts for a larger number of hospital stays and visit in comparison to any other chronic diseases. It is because of asthma only that a large number of children end up missing school.

During the childhood years, many times the symptoms of asthma are not detected and mistaken as symptoms of bronchitis, common cold or any other non-serious condition. Since many symptoms of these conditions are similar to those of asthma, they do not receive appropriate treatment for asthma which leads to various problems in the future. Therefore it is important to know the symptoms of asthma to be able to diagnose it in the early stages.

Some of the most common symptoms of asthma in young children include:


Wheezing is a very common as well as obvious symptom of asthma. When you child produces a whistling sound every time they breathe, it can be due to obstruction of the airway. Blocked airway is a known symptom of asthma. Since wheezing can be caused due to various other conditions as well, therefore it is advisable to consult your child’s doctor to diagnose the problem correctly.


Being the most common symptom in the case of childhood asthma, sometimes it is the only symptom. When the cough of your child continues for a long time and is persistent, or if they cough whenever they perform any physical activity, it could be due to an underlying asthma problem.

Tightness in Chest

Sometimes children complaint of tightness or pain in their chest and have a feeling of breathlessness or find it difficult to catch breathe. Be cautious for any signs of difficulty in breathing like flared nostrils or pursed lips. In case there is a serious problem in breathing, you will be able to see the throat’s hollow area moving inside and outside in a struggle to get air into the lungs.