Dentures Care Tips

dentures-care Most of the people commit the mistake of neglecting denture care. Many of us are in misconception that dentures are artificial teeth, so there is no need for taking care of dentures like we are supposed to take care of natural teeth. Here, let me reveal you that denture care is more important than your natural tooth care.

Here, I would talk about denture care. Keep some tips in mind, as it can help you avoiding a lot of dental problems.

First of all brush and rinse your dentures daily. Before brushing it off, you can soak the dentures in water for some time, so that the loose food particles and plaques would be removed properly. For brushing, use a soft bristled brush. In market, you will get brush especially designed for dentures. While brushing, take care not to damage the plastic or the bend attached to it.

Never ever let your dentures drop from your hand or anywhere else. You need to handle them with utmost care. Whenever you are washing or holding, make sure that you are not in hurry.

For cleaning dentures, don’t use toothpaste or any household cleanser. Denture cleansers are available in the market. You can also use any mild cleanser for the cleaning of dentures. Many opt for bleach, but it is not a good idea. Ultrasonic cleaners are better choice.

As long as you are wearing dentures, it is fine. However, when you are not wearing them then keep them in water or dentures soaking solution. Apart from these denture care tips, you can also ask your dentist about the particular suggestion for your specific requirement.

After weeks of dental implantation, if you are still not comfortable with the fitting of dentures then contact your surgeon. The ill fitting dentures can create real long term problems.