Dental Implant Problems

dental-implant-problems Dental implant is an artificial tooth or a bridge which is attached to the jawbone and that is not like the conventional crown and bridge which is put with the support of other original existing teeth. A titanium screw is fixed to hold the tooth and it acts like a natural tooth which can provide support for partial dentures and bridges. If used properly they will last at least a decade and it can not be removed by the person who wears it but by the dentist.

Different problems of dental implant

Though they are like natural teeth there are problems that occur after the implant is done.

Long and hard treatment

It requires two operations for implantation and each operation takes one to three hours which depends upon how many implants are to be done.

Complications in surgery

There are usual risks in a surgical procedure and along with them the implantation may cause gum infection and damage the roots of nearby teeth, the nerves connected to lip or sinus.

Failure of implants

It is the biggest risk in this surgical process the loosening or fracture of the implant. The screw which is drilled in the bone to hold the tooth may not fit well. This can led to infection and destroy the bone which cause the stress in chewing.

Maintenance problem

Implants are like natural teeth which does not remind of wearing a false tooth but it requires the same care as other type of false teeth need. The gum can not give the support to the implant as it gives to the natural teeth. So it needs a careful cleaning every time and it is very important to see the dentist at least twice in a year to keep your implant and the other teeth healthy.