Dental Dentures

dentures The artificial teeth those replace the missing or extracted natural teeth are called as dentures. These artificial single tooth or a set of teeth or the whole set are usually supported by several methods.

Again dentures are of various kinds. If you want to fill up few missing natural teeth then it’s called partial dentures. If the replacement is needed for all the teeth then they are called complete dentures.

Likewise, from another point of view, you can categorize the dentures into two types. Such as: the removable or mobile dentures and the permanent dentures. The mobile or removable dentures could be removed at your wish whereas; the permanent dentures are placed on the gum permanently through surgery.

The kind of dentures you want to use is dependent upon many factors like how you lost your teeth. Whatever be the reason, the dentures are use to get few advantages. Yes, with the help of dental dentures, the chewing ability increases. You can better express the phonetics than earlier, without having teeth. The self esteem and confidence also increases. Another important aspect is that, the dentures enhance the aesthetic aspect of your facial appearance as well.

Now we will discuss about various kinds of dentures one by one. Let me tell you about partial dentures first. Again you can go for fixed partial dentures or removable partial dentures. Fixed partial dentures are more expensive than the removable one. Likewise, in complete dentures also you can go for either fixed one or removable one.

If you are wearing dentures or planning to go for them then never compromise in keeping them clean. Yes, you need to clean them regularly the way you used to take care of your natural teeth. Ask your dentist about the guidelines on how to clean dentures.