Decorating a Guest Bathroom

decorating-a-guest-bathroom Whether you have guests for a dinner party or for the weekend, they must be provided with good amenities. The very basic of these facilities is a nice, clean bathroom. Often, the bathroom is a place akin to a sanctuary where people spend ‘quality time with themselves’. It is a haven of sorts where complete privacy is obtained.

A well-designed and decorated bathroom is appreciated by all. A bathroom reflects the owner’s personality, i.e., if it is clean and well-maintained, then it indicates that the person to whom it belongs cares for his/her surroundings. A guest bathroom is one that is used occasionally and, hence, requires some basic fixtures as well as decorative items.

Basic Fixtures

The very basic requirement for a guest bathroom is sanitary fixtures. Apart from the commode and basin, the other essential is a mirror. It need not be a full length one, but should be at least half-length or even a smaller face mirror. The size of the mirror would largely depend upon the space available. However, placing a large mirror makes the bathroom look larger. A shower cubicle is optional as the guest bathroom can be just a washroom with toilet facilities only. The commode could have a spray attached for the convenience of the guest.

Utility Items

The guest bathroom should have utility items like soap, paper tissues, toilet rolls, etc., at all times. To maintain a high level of hygiene, it is better have liquid hand soap than a cake of soap, and small face towels rather than larger hand towels. However, if the former is used, a dry cane basket should be kept for disposal of these small towels. Toilet paper rolls and face tissues should also be placed in the bathroom. A covered dustbin is extremely essential for all discarded items.

Often guests feel shy to ask for anything and so the host must anticipate all their requirements. If the guest is expected to stay overnight, then an extra toothpaste, toothbrush and sanitary disposable bags can be kept. A kit of mini talcum powder, shampoo and conditioner can also be arranged for.

Decorative Items

A guest bathroom should look inviting. Apart from the fixtures being clean, decorative items like a flower vase, little curios, potpourri trays,  fragrance candles, etc., add to the ambience.