Decor For The Main Entrance To Your Home

decorate-the-entrance-of-yo The front entrance is an important section of a home as this forms the first impression of a visitor. A nicely decorated main entrance seems enticing and guests feel welcome. The look and feel of the front entrance prepares a guest for what he/she is to expect inside the home. An attractive entrance means that the occupants of the house like to maintain their home and keep it beautiful.

There is no dearth of ideas and options regarding the décor for the main entrance. Most of it depends upon the areas available in front of the entrance. By and large, homes are either apartments that share the lobby with others or independent homes that have a large area (like a portico) at the entrance to their home.


If you are living in an apartment complex, and sharing a common lobby, then the décor needs to be carefully planned out. Some condominiums have policies regarding the common areas and you would need to adhere to this. However, if there is some level of freedom given by the condominium, then the area that is directly in front of your main door can be used for decorative purposes.

However, do be careful that your decorations do not spill over onto your neighbour’s area. Having a nameplate on the door is most important so that even if your guests forget the door number, they are guided to the right apartment. The wall around the door frame can be used for paintings, wall hangings, or religious symbols. The floor area can be decorated with urns and potted plants. In some countries, where shoes are removed before entering the home, a shoe rack/cabinet should be provided at the main entrance.

Independent Houses

Independent villas or bungalows that have their own patch between the road and the main entrance have tremendous scope to beautify this area. Starting from the main gate right up to the front door, the area can be simply beautified with the use of green plants and flower shrubs. Large artefacts and urns can be placed along the driveway leading up to the house.


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