Dealing with Depression

Depression is predicted to be one of the major illnesses in the times to come. The latest research shows that depression and obesity are two health problems that are interconnected. While Depression is one of the leading reasons for disability and death, obesity follows the suit. While generally feeling low and sad can be quite common, however, if the feeling continues to persist you know you need help.

Depression can be marked with a wide range of feelings. Low self-esteem, lack of interest in anything, feeling guilty, sleeplessness, over-sleeping, irritation, mood swings, memory loss, hopelessness are all symptoms of Depression. While lack of concentration and interest are still acceptable, suicidal feelings occur under extreme cases. Acute depression is also marked by the individual’s lack of decision making ability, making everyday simple task a major hurdle. While earlier it was proposed that fat people are happy people, however, obesity is found to be directly associated with depression.

Obesity is one of the leading factors of depression, making it yet other leading causes of health concerns in the world. While it can be said that obesity leads to depression, it is also true the other way round. There are various scientific reasons that the medical experts put forward in support of the theory. Obesity results in extreme inflammation; this increases the rate of depression. Obese individuals tend to have a comparatively low self-esteem and confidence, leading to indulgence in to ‘comfort-food’. There are cases where the people suffering from depression tend to put-on weight as a result of using ‘anti-depressants’. Obese individuals lack any involvement in physical activities, leading more bad health, anxiety and depression.

Speaking of depression and obesity, it has been further found that alcohol is the third aspect of the angle, the three being termed ‘toxic triangle’. This is more prevalent in women as compared to the men. Depression leads to too much drinking which eventually leads to weight-gain or obesity in extreme cases. However, the good news is that there are ways through which the vicious circle of the ‘toxic triangle’ can be broken down.

It is important to understand your body and its needs. Eating sensibly is as important as eating healthy. Breaking down your meals to various small portions every day is a good idea, as compared to three big ones. Cut down on your habit of constant eating, as this habit will cause you a major problem on a long run. Lastly it is always important to eat healthy and good food in a controlled manner. Bear in mind that you can make your life a happy and healthy one by following some very simple steps.

Urshit Tahir