Cotton Clothing- Easy Care Tips

Cotton is a natural fiber and the garments made from this material are quite comfortable as the long fiber of the cotton soak the perspiration of the body and the porous characteristic of cotton helps in air circulation.

Maintenance of cotton is sometimes tedious. It needs washing, drying, adding starch and ironing. There are some qualities of fine cotton which allows making garments of wash and wear nature. Hereunder are given a few tips that may help you in better maintenance of your cotton garments.

Colors of cotton cloth are not very strong like synthetic cloth. So to remove dirt, do not use strong detergent while washing. Choose a mild liquid detergent for this purpose that will help to protect the color as well clean dirt off the cloth. Unlike synthetic or woolen cloth it takes time to dry completely. So spin excess water in the washing machine and then hang out in shade.

While washing see the label inside the cloth to check whether it is for machine wash or hand wash. Nowadays most of the clothes can be machine washed. Fill the tub with water and mild detergent and wash it. Do not forget to use plenty of water which will resist rubbing against each other.

Before throwing your clothes in the machine do remove the stains if there are any. You can also follow the spot cleaning method if the whole clothe is not dirty. To do it, fill a spray bottle with four parts of water to one part Borax. Spray the area you want to clean.

Then rub lightly with a clean damp cloth. Let it air dry in sunlight. Hanging out the clothes in open air and sunlight helps to remove body odor from the clothes. If the odor persists spray linen perfume which will make your garments feel fresh.

Cotton garment get crushed easily and you may not use it again and again without giving it special care. Use starch on very fine fabric stiffener to give it a thick filling. You may use liquid starch.

Either spray it on wet cloth or soak cloth in the dilution of starch and water. Ironing is one of the most necessary steps in this matter. Ironing helps to remove wrinkles and brings a smooth finish to the cloth.