Container Gardening for the Beginners

Container gardening is the only option for the people living in apartments in high rise buildings. If you are too expert in gardening, then you may arrange suitable space in your balcony to fill in with soil, provided you have a large balcony.

However, in all other situations there is no other way out than container gardening.

The best part of container gardening is that you can have a portable garden. You can move the pots at various places of your apartment, be it in your bed room or living room for decorative purpose. Again you need to put them into your balcony, so that the plant gets some sunlight and fresh air.

When you are moving from one place to other, you can carry your garden along with you. Another interesting point about container gardening is that you can have different types of decorative pots for the plants, which definitely adds on to the interior.

However, when you are planning of building up a container garden, you should keep certain things in mind. First of all, you should use properly treated soil, so that your plants get adequate nourishment. Time to time, you can add little bit of fertilizer to this soil for added nutrition to the plants.

The most important thing to remember about container gardening is that you should not forget to water the plants. Depending on the size and shape of the container you might even require watering the plant in a daily basis. If you think the soil is still wet, then you may skip watering for a day.

To start with, you can have 4-5 pots with herbs or flowers, which can be easily grown. Certain herbs and flower plants can survive even at many adverse conditions. While purchasing plants, you may take suggestions from the seller. Various seasonal flowers could be a right choice, as they have much better chance to survive.

Initially you should not go for plants which require lots of attention and care. If you feel confident enough with these few pots, then you can go on adding to it as long as your space and pocket permits.