Cleaning Dentures

cleaning-dentures These days, we will find many people wearing dentures. However, very less number of people actually cleans their dentures regularly and religiously. Eventually, this negligence gives rise to many other problems. If you have a similar attitude towards cleaning the dentures then be ready to face the consequence of it as well. Many of us give the reason that cleaning dentures regularly consumes a lot of time. Here, I would tell you about several methods of cleaning for which you will need some household stuff. You really don’t have to get something special from the market to clean them.

The foremost reason to clean dentures is to avoid any kind of germs building up on dentures. So, for this purpose, you can rely upon white vinegar. It prevents you from suffering from plaque and save yourself from other germs. Vinegar has the capacity to kill bacteria. Every once a week, don’t forget to soak the dentures in vinegar for few hours and then wash them off before using again.

Sometimes, due to ill fitting of dentures, gums get affected. If you are suffering from sore due to your dentures then you can use the salt we eat every day. Take a glass of warm water and then add a spoon of salt in it. Once the salt gets dissolved, swish the solution inside the whole mouth. Keep it for few minutes. You will get relief.

In case your dentures look dirty and stained then use baking soda to clean them off. Yes, put a coat of the baking soda on to dentures for few hours and then clean it off. In case, you want to give your dentures a sparkling white look then you should use Clorox bleach to the dentures for ten minutes and then brush it to make them white.