Choosing your Wedding Dress : Styles and Embellishments

Every bride spends weeks trying to plan the prefect wedding. And as much energy as she puts in to make her day perfect she also spends a lot of energy trying to get the prefect wedding dress.

Every bride wants to look her best on the most important day of her life so here are a few tips that help to make the right decision.

In order to get the right dress that will flatter you it is imperative that you analyze the shape of your body. Once you understand your body then you can buy the prefect dress.

When you are trying on wedding dresses you need not worry about the fit as it will be altered after you make your choice. You need to first be happy with the shape of the dress. If you are a curvy woman then a mermaid style dress will flatter your curves.

On the other hand if you have curves that you want to hide then an A line dress will be your best choice. Don’t go shopping for a dress with any preconceived notions or a mental image of what you want. Go shopping with an open mind.

Do not buy a dress if you are not convinced about the look and how you feel in the dress. You will be surprised to know that a dress in a style that you would not normally consider may look great on your body.

Along with the cut of the dress you also need to consider the embellishments on the dress. There are many factors to choose from here. Lace dresses are normally very popular with brides however not all brides want that look. Colors differ along with the embellishments that you choose.

An ivory dress in satin will look gorgeous n a bride with tan skin however may not look too good on someone who is pale. Make a decision about the color and embellishments only after you try on multiple dresses is different styles and cuts.

When you are choosing your dress there is one important factor to consider. Think about what the groom will say when he sees you in the dress. This though will motivate you and inspire you to make the right choice about your wedding dress.